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Khari Nixon

I began in the mortgage/finance industry in 1996 successfully weathering many changes and adapting to the plethora of financial climates while maintaining appropriate licensing and professional education pertinent to the industry. Versed in networking and marketing experience, Khari has been able to assist individuals, entrepreneurs, and other business concerns in navigating the trials and tribulations of the financial market to achieve the goals they seek using an efficient, cost-effective, and realistic approach. Khari is able to provide financing assistance on residential and commercial properties. The focus of business is providing excellent service to business partners. This includes real estate agents, financial planners, attorneys, and their clientele. Khari is also a licensed Florida Realtor and enjoys bringing top-tier service to his customers and helping them navigate the challenges of the industry. He is a self-proclaimed kitchen enthusiast who enjoys cooking and not so much the clean-up part. (Ask him for his Italian gravy recipe, he won't give it to you, but you may get some after closing!)


Khari Nixon

NMLS# 132179

Indiana & Florida


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100 S. Ashley Drive

Tampa, Florida, 33602

NMLS #2454986

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